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"I would like to express my words of thanks toward LBC unit to be with me and share their best experience to enhance my overall abilities. So, the time spend within LBC premises is much precious for me and hope it will be for new commerce too."
-Bigyan Bhandari

"LBC a better place to hangout with learning activities. The thing I've ever got from LBC is leadership capability. Think leadership, Join LBC."
-Keshab Bhandari

"LBC has been a unique experience and dynamic, integrated learning that has empowered me with skills and long-term vision. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about future possibilities and opportunities. Overall, LBC is a promise that I can believe in."
-Saroj Pandey

"It was a pleasant experience being student at LBC. Friendly teachers, supportive administration, greatest library (I've been to), awesome technical infrastructures and on top of it a secluded and peaceful environment away from vehicle horns. Thank you LBC for all these."
-Niraj Bastola

"I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students. We are very supported in our studies. Some of the teachers are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. We are enthused by the classes."
-Akriti Rijal


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